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We provide consulting services and the development of products and services from the IT domain. We will help you to expand and monetize your portfolio.

IT consulting and products development

We provide business consulting services for developing new software products and services and expanding your portfolio. By analyzing the status of your current products and services, together with you, we define goals for further business development and implementation plan.

Use case in health sector-development of health software

Our company is currently developing an application solution that will serve as a unique platform for quick and easy sending and visualization of all types of medical image data and accompanying documentation between medical specialists such as X-rays, CT, MR images via all technical devices (tablet, mobile phone, computer).

Application for tenders and national grants

In consultation with you, we analyze the needs of your business and find tenders and national grant that suit your needs and goals. We prepare all the documentation necessary for applying to call. We will guide you through the whole process.

Prominent projects

Most funded projects are from the IT domain and are focused on research and development in order to develop new innovative products.

Implementation of projects

Following the approval of the national grants and the signing of the grant agreement, in order for the funds to be disbursed, it is necessary to implement the project in accordance with the rules from the grant agreement.


We provide project implementation services that include:

  • communication with implementing bodies,

  • administrative monitoring of the project,

  • financial monitoring of the project,

  • contract changes as necessary,

  • cooperation with the internal project team of the beneficiaries,

  • project visibility 

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